BCBGMAXAZRIA and Magnum Ice Cream unveil a chocolate-scented wrap in decadent hybrid of chocolate and couture – PSFK

BCBGMAXAZRIA, Magnum Ice Cream, Harvard professor and scent inventor David Edwards, and iconic master perfumer Christophe Laudamiel put their heads and noses together to create a fashion wrap with a confectionary twist: it is implanted with tiny oNotes so that it gives off the aroma of Belgian Chocolate.

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If you buy from BCBG after June 30th, BCBG will give out 6,000 gifts with purchase in form of an exclusive scented scarf containing 4 oChips. They are scented with Magnificent Chocolate for Magnum #21, a Laudamiel creation based on real creamy orris and real chocolate extracts to recreate in your nostril a Belgian chocolate and vanilla ice bar melting under your palate.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz creates ‘scent experience’ for Denver Art Museum’s IN BLOOM show

Olfactory art is on the cutting edge of the multi-sensorial art experience. More galleries and museums are working with olfactory creatives to enhance the art experience by expanding and building upon the visitor’s overall sensory experience. Olfactory art has been a growing trend in the past few years in Europe and Asia; now the US is starting to embrace the advent of the multi-sensory movement evidenced by an Olfactory Art show at NYC’s Museum of Art and Design, as well as the institution of a new “Award for Experimental Use of Scent” – the Sadakichi – at LA’s Institute of Art and Olfaction.


Denver Art Museum (DAM) is out in front of this trend with their ongoing collaborative efforts with perfumer and olfactory artist, Dawn Spencer Hurwitz. This collaboration resulted in a project, Chroma, that was a finalist for the aforementioned Sadakichi Award, and continues with the upcoming ‘scent experience’ created for the In Bloom: Painting Flowers in the Age of Impressionism exhibit that opened on July 19, 2015.

“To have the opportunity to create an immersive scent experience within the painting show itself is thrilling for me”, says Dawn Spencer Hurwitz (DSH). “It’s very innovative for an established visual art venue like DAM to incorporate olfactory art directly into a painting show to enhance the experience of the visual art. When visitors walk through the scent experience they will be transported through time and space to a moment in Monet’s flower garden at Giverny”.

When museum-goers enter the scent experience space they will be met with a large scale view of the artist Monet in his beloved flower garden and a subtle sense of greenery and moist earth; as if walking into a “real” garden.
Before leaving the scent experience visitors are invited to take a scratch and sniff card of “Giverny In Bloom” as a memento as well as to bring the multi-sensory aspect of the olfactory art with them to enhance their interaction with the remainder of the exhibit.


“I wanted to give the sense of ‘Impressionism’ within the design style of the scent experience,” says DSH, “to match the qualities of the painterly style with the sense of the aromatic experience. I wished to impart a kind of airy, light-filled, plein air feeling, that of the multitude of scents one encounters in a garden, rather than giving an ultra photo-realistic quality to each element of the composition. This is how I worked to make the flower garden come alive”.

Peter de Cupere 

Perhaps the most prolific olfactory artist today, Peter de Cupere has indeed been very busy recently! After engineering plant/flower scents for his olfactory installation “The Smell of a Stranger” at the 12th Biennial de la Habana, he has two new works at current exhibitions in Belgium: an 8m long olfactory art installation at Museum Texture Kortrijk with the scent Roten Eau de Leie, and “The Scent Reader” at Kunstenfestival Watou. Also, the catalog of the exhibition, The Smell of War, he curated in Poperinge is ready. It gives a nice overview of this unique exhibition, with text in English and Dutch. The exhibition runs until August 30th in De Lovie in Poperinge; here’s an evocative video of it. And this Saturday, July 25, he is conducting a “Scent City Walk” in Palermo, Italy. He is certainly putting his Olfactory Art Manifest into action!

Telling Time by SmellMuDAC 

MuDAC in Lausanne currently has an exhibition on Telling Time. It features a work by Catalan designer Martí Guixé called “Time to Eat”, which is a wall clock that tells time by emitting the smell of cooking: 9am breakfast, 1pm cooking vegetable, 10pm preparing tomato sauce, etc. You can read more about it here.

Smell Memory Kit Lets You Tag Events With Custom-Made AromasNewsweek

“Other artists have worked with olfaction art, like New York artist Martyna Wawrzyniak, who last year placed an ad in an issue of Harper’s Bazaar of her own sweat disguised as a perfume ad. Brian Goeltzenleuchter crowdsourced the smells of 10 neighborhoods in Los Angeles for a “scent-scape” map shown last year at the Santa Monica Museum of Art. Meanwhile, Peter de Cupere is an artist who created a project called “NY Smells Like,” gathering smells from residents. He also co-created the first smell-recognition iPad app, Olfacio, and invented the first scent piano, the Olfactiano, which plays “scent sonatas.””

Perfume Education | The Institute for Art and Olfaction

IAO is making a map of resources for education in perfumery, on as global a scale as they can muster. To make it to the map, the perfumer or institution must teach regular classes for more than 3 people (not private corporate sessions, for instance), with a specific educational goal. This does not include bespoke scent-making. Who/where have they missed?

Move over Taylor Swift – indie perfumers ride high as public tires of celebrity scent | The Guardian

“While 139 artisanal perfumes were created in 2004, the number rose to 441 in 2014, according to Michael Edwards, author of Fragrances of the World, the largest guide to perfume classification. And while it’s hard to get comprehensive sales figures, market research group NPD suggests that the £150-plus segment of the couture market, which includes artisanal perfumes, upped its market share by 35% for the year ending December 2014.”

Air Sculpture® Finnish-Hungarian Osmolanguage #5 | Chelsea Music Festival NYC, June 12-20, 2015

Air Sculpture® Finnish-Hungarian Osmolanguage #5 is the fourth scent created by Christophe Laudamiel for the festival and is being played in the air via Prolitec®scent players at some of the functions and performances. In a bold move and as a special treat, CMF and DreamAir have decided to divulge the 2015 formula of the scent here, the perfumery equivalent of sheet music in order to educate the public about the art of scent composition. 

NOTE: In order to protect know-how, trade secrets and author rights of scents, DreamAir does not support the systematic publication of scent formulas. Scent compositions and smells are offered very little to non-existent protections from the law.  However DreamAir does support olfactory education and four formulations for education purposes are now available here.


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