Chandler Burr talks about scent art | Aisthesis Project – curating the multi-sensory

If you haven’t seen this interesting talk by olfactory curator Chandler Burr about perfumery as a form of art, here is your chance.

This Clock Enables You to Smell Time – Dubai Design Week

Scent Clock provides a new way to tell time through fragrance. The concept draws on the often less stimulated of human senses to serenely mark significant moments in a day: such as waking, going to bed, praying, and eating.

The product is a small analogue wall clock extension, which releases a user-selected fragrance at pre-determined times. The project is designed to be highly customizable, allowing users to easily insert various scent chips to personalize the fragrance emitted.

After selecting a desired scent, the user places the product on the glass face of a wall clock. The Scent Clock recognizes the hour on which it is positioned, with the help of an IR sensor that detects reflected light. At the set time, a fan is activated inside of the unit, diffusing the scent throughout the room.

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Our Unique Sense of Smell (OUSOS): An Olfactory Research Program

OUSOS is a research program investigating olfaction, our evolutionarily oldest sensory system. The program aims to increase understanding of how the sense of smell is cognitively processed by investigating how the mind processes olfaction through six research projects.

The program is rooted in cognitive psychology. Yet, it nicely relates to current developments in game design. Simon Niedenthal is at the forefront of using the sense of smell in game design. The fourth project, Expanding the world of smell through odor game interventions, develops and tests “brain games” that engage and strengthen the sense of smell in order to impact food-related behaviors like picky eating, flavor appreciation, and food cravings.

The six-year program began in February 2015 and will conclude in February 2021. The project is headquartered at the Gösta Ekman Laboratory at Stockholm University, with research also conducted at Umeå University (Sweden). The research program is funded by a $3.7 million grant from the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences (Riksbankens Jubeliumsfond). This is one of the largest grants in the history of Swedish psychology.

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“But First, Let Me Take a Smelfie” – Newsweek

Like the oPhone, Goldilocks and the Three Bears: The Smelly Version is the brainchild of Edwards and one of his former students, 24-year-old Rachel Field, who co-founded the startup Vapor Communications in 2013. The book is just the first in a series of children’s classics that will become available for iPad later this year from Melcher Media, and which was on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York from April to July of this year. Called Sensory Stories: An Exhibition of New Narrative Experiences, the exhibit featured technology that expands upon traditional story delivery methods and the way they play off the senses.

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The ScenthesizerAllSense. Sensory Communication

Discover how ScentAir™ and Heineken Green Room brought the worlds of scent and music together in a collaborative project to realize The Scenthesizer, a prototype of future technology that will allow DJs to create truly multi-sensorial experiences for music lovers.

Francis Kurkdjian and Fabien Ducher, Changing History in a BottleThe New York Times

Together, a fragrance legend and a horticultural pioneer have cultivated what could be the first new perfume rose in more than a century.

The new rose above was created by the nose Francis Kurkdjian and the breeder Fabien Ducher. They spent six years ferreting out the ancestral chains of Damask and May roses to develop their hybrid, which they call Nevarte.

A Unique Perfume-Cloud of Bacteria Follows You Wherever You GoNOVA Next | PBS

Looks like we’re not that different from flowers after all. We each have our own odor “cloud” or headspace. Probably won’t be long before headspace technology can create a concentrated “Eau de You”!

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