Osmodrama Festival for Olfactory Art

The first festival for olfactory art in Berlin, from 15th July until 18th September.



With the scent organ Smeller 2.0 developed by Wolfgang Georgsdorf, olfactory narratives can be performed as standalones, as music with smells, as films to smell and as books to smell. With Edgar Reitz, Omer Fast, Eva Mattes, and many more.

More info at: http://osmodrama.com

A Sniff Test For Alzheimer’s Checks For The Ability To Identify Odors (NPR)

Parkinson’s disease, smoking, certain head injuries and even normal aging can influence our sense of smell. But certain patterns of loss in the ability to identify odors seem pronounced in Alzheimer’s, researchers say.


“Two studies released at an international Alzheimer’s meeting Tuesday suggest doctors may eventually be able to screen people for this form of dementia by testing the ability to identify familiar odors, like smoke, coffee and raspberry…”

Read more at: http://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2016/07/26/487391863/a-sniff-test-for-alzheimers-checks-for-the-ability-to-identify-odors

Scent & Chemistry Designs

The other way of wearing scents – not with flowers, say it with fragrant molecules!


Detailed view of a Jasmonate pendant on a rhodinated Omegareif necklace


Bees have an olfactory language; yet, odorants authentically evoke feelings and emotions in humans, too. Fragrant molecules can represent attitudes, opinions and sentiments conveyed by their scents with strong symbolic power. Instead of sprayed out on skin, these odorants can be worn in the form of molecular jewelry to convey their message; all the more elegant, and very stylishly besides! And yes, these jewelry items can be scented with the respective odorants portrayed, in fact they are intended to be: making structural synesthesia an olfactory reality!

Available at: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/smellies