If your scent wrote a song…

Studio Folie is an olfactive design studio founded by Kaya Sorhaindo. It is known for projects that inscribe new meaning long associated with classical perfumery such as Le Cinema Olfactif .  The more recent project Olfactive diaries is a collection of interviews and contributions by artists in response to Folie A Plusieur fragrances. In the context of scent culture it is a project worth noticing for numerous reasons: The questions ascribe agency to the scent: “If your scent were a person where would it be?” or  “If your scent could talk what would it say?”. Moreover the questions as well as the entire project encourage the user to cross over different sensory modalities: “If your scent were a texture how would it feel?”. Browse through the diaries…

Bildschirmfoto 2017-04-01 um 00.31.31Scent visualization by Cornelia Thonhauser


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