How do your headphones smell?

Have you ever noticed how your headphones smell? Do you expect a review of headphones talking about the olfactory qualities of the product? The recent review by Wired demonstrates the necessity of a multisensory product design:

“A couple of years ago, the luxurious leather-wrapped Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7s were named our favorite Bluetooth headphones. The over-ear H7s sounded as gorgeous as they looked, and they even smelled great. (…) And while the new $300 Beoplay H4s aren’t exactly bargain-bin cans either, they offer nearly the same roster of specs as the H7s for $100 less. (…)  The headphones are lighter than the H7s, even though it’s clear Beoplay didn’t skimp on materials. The duotone aluminum-and-stainless-steel skeleton is wrapped in lamb-skin leather, so rest assured they should still smell pretty good.



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