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The other way of wearing scents – not with flowers, say it with fragrant molecules!


Detailed view of a Jasmonate pendant on a rhodinated Omegareif necklace


Bees have an olfactory language; yet, odorants authentically evoke feelings and emotions in humans, too. Fragrant molecules can represent attitudes, opinions and sentiments conveyed by their scents with strong symbolic power. Instead of sprayed out on skin, these odorants can be worn in the form of molecular jewelry to convey their message; all the more elegant, and very stylishly besides! And yes, these jewelry items can be scented with the respective odorants portrayed, in fact they are intended to be: making structural synesthesia an olfactory reality!

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Garden of Wonders


11_gardenofwondersGarden of Wonders creates a feast for the nose and eyes in Milan’s Botanical Gardens

If the wisteria waterfalls of Brera’s Botanical Garden (or the charming spread of gleaming, golden Laviani animal statues dotted around) don’t get to you first, Be Open‘s Garden of Wonders will.

The international foundation of design and creativity has taken the world of fragrance to heady new heights with its latest project, a threefold approach to the world of fragrance. ‘It is our way of proposing an alternative way – through design – to preserve traditions by adapting them to contemporary challenges and eventually explore new possibilities for small brands,’ explains Be Open founder Yelena Baturina.


Great Idea: Mood Boards For Smells

Scents can be tough to describe in words, which makes them perfect for mood boards.


For Haus Interior’s candle collection, the boutique interior design firm wanted a way to describe smells to online shoppers beyond mere words. So the company hired photographer Sully Sullivan to produce a collection of scent mood boards. Carefully curated, cleanly arranged objects fill in the emotions and contexts of a smell that words might miss.


This article nicely resonates with a recent paper on the use of moodboards in perfumery:

Endrissat, N., Islam, G., & Noppeney, C. (2016). Visual organizing: Balancing coordination and creative freedom via mood boards. Journal of Business Research, 69(7), 2353–2362.

An Architectural Time Machine That Fires Scented Smoke Rings


Young London designer Hee Park manipulates space using smell, sound, and touch.

In a 1967, J.G. Ballard published The Cloud Sculptures of Choral D, a short story about a retired pilot who pioneers the art of sculpting clouds. The story resonated with young architect Hee Park, who believes that architecture is performative – heavily reliant upon time, motion, and rhythm.


Climate Change Couture: Smell Masks


To reduce their anxiety and make them more alert to the impending disaster, the rescue team distributes Smell Masks, which filter the oxygen around them while giving them scented air to breathe. The oxygen is scented with lemon, lavender, or peppermint, depending on the victim’s needs.

The work is part of Catherine Sarah Young’s Climate Change Couture project. Read more at:

This Clock Enables You to Smell Time – Dubai Design Week

Scent Clock provides a new way to tell time through fragrance. The concept draws on the often less stimulated of human senses to serenely mark significant moments in a day: such as waking, going to bed, praying, and eating.

The product is a small analogue wall clock extension, which releases a user-selected fragrance at pre-determined times. The project is designed to be highly customizable, allowing users to easily insert various scent chips to personalize the fragrance emitted.

After selecting a desired scent, the user places the product on the glass face of a wall clock. The Scent Clock recognizes the hour on which it is positioned, with the help of an IR sensor that detects reflected light. At the set time, a fan is activated inside of the unit, diffusing the scent throughout the room.

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Meet the Scent Designer Who Wants to Train–and Delight–Your Nose | AIGA Eye on Design

“If you’ve ever embraced a fragrance just because it reminded you of someone, or dabbed on a perfume reminiscent of a particular vacation, French designer Charline Ronzon-Jaricot knows just how you feel. She is all about making products that explore the uncanny connection between the nose and the heart.”