DAS RHEIN RAUSCHEN: Ines Lechleitner / Andreas Wilhelm

Solo exhibition by Ines Lechleitner / Scent in collaboration with Andreas Wilhelm
Curated by Emilie Bruner at Villa Renata in Basel, Switzerland (Nov – Dec 2016)


Dialogue of the senses and nonverbal communication being core subjects in her artistic practice, the artist Ines Lechleitner started her research for a river perfume based on the river Rhine in Basel for her solo exhibition “Das Rhein Rauschen” curated by Emilie Bruner.

The exhibition explored what it means ‘to be in the river’, following the German expression ‘im Fluss sein’ which simply means being in the river but equally stands for fully participating in the flow of life. It displayed the scope of Ines Lechleitner´s multidisciplinary practice in photography, video, drawing, sculpture, sound, smell and performance. The elements of the exhibition constituted the base for the scent Das Rhein Rauschen which was developed with the Zürich based perfumer Andreas Wilhelm. The fragrance follows the riverbed and its sediments through a natural print of the Rhine filtered by a Minke whale and recalls its fast flowing, glittering surface reflected in the voice of Alessandra Eramo. When the analogy is made between a river and a perfume ones body becomes the shore holding out a river’s arm and the sound of the rushing waters can turn into the memory of rolling in wet grass.

The fragrance was part of the exhibition, is now available in a 50ml flacon and part of the artist edition box as a 10ml river-roll-on.

For more info: www.ineslechleitner.com


Artemisia, Absinthe & the Green Fairy


Bibi Bigler Parfums’ Parfum Bar cordially invites you to its next scent apéro on Saturday, September 24, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, at the Zurich Botanical Garden. The topic is Artemisia – Absinthe – The Green Fairy.

We will meet at the terrace of the cafeteria. We’ll look first at the Artemisia plants in the garden, and then head over to Villa Rainhof  (Zollikerstrasse 137, 8008 Zurich), where various Artemisia fragrances are available for smelling. We’ll present our “Green Fairy” fragrance composition and then you have the opportunity to sample absinthe-liqueurs, Génépi Spirits and of course the Forbidden Green Fairy from the Val-de-Travers.

Admission is free, cash to cover expenses.

Please register via email at info@dieparfumbar.ch or Tel. 079 824 05 42.


ANTIPARFUM + «Dummes Holz»

As part of Every Contact Leaves a Trace, the Bachelor and Master Exhibition for Institut Kunst HGK FHNW, artist Maeva Rosset is presenting a creation, in collaboration with perfumer Giovanni SammarcoANTIPARFUM: An Olfactive Translation of an Artistic Practice. What do researches, thoughts, and reflections smell like? You can see and read more about it here.


The exhibition will be at two venues, opening Thu. Sep. 1, 2016:
Kaskadenkondensator from 6pm
Kunsthalle Basel from 8pm


For the Kunsthalle exhibition, Rosset will also present her new sculptural series: «Dummes Holz». Rosset & Sammarco also created a particular perfume for the sculptures inspired by the taste of blood.





Scent & Chemistry Designs

The other way of wearing scents – not with flowers, say it with fragrant molecules!


Detailed view of a Jasmonate pendant on a rhodinated Omegareif necklace


Bees have an olfactory language; yet, odorants authentically evoke feelings and emotions in humans, too. Fragrant molecules can represent attitudes, opinions and sentiments conveyed by their scents with strong symbolic power. Instead of sprayed out on skin, these odorants can be worn in the form of molecular jewelry to convey their message; all the more elegant, and very stylishly besides! And yes, these jewelry items can be scented with the respective odorants portrayed, in fact they are intended to be: making structural synesthesia an olfactory reality!

Available at: http://www.shapeways.com/shops/smellies

Invisible Architecture: Scent Orientation


The Bern University of Arts is offering this fall a course under its Signaletik – Environmental Communication Design program titled Invisible Architecture: Scent OrientationThe course is lead by perfumer Vero Kern and Jean Odermatt, sociologist and communications designer.

The course aims to examine the effect of scents on the people scientifically as well as explore the applications and modes of operation of scents in our everyday and public life. It is comprised of four modules:

  1. Overview: “I smell, therefore I am” (2 days)
  2. “Scents Lab” (1 day)
  3. “Olfactory visualization” (1 day)
  4. “Olfactory Tasting” (2 days)

The course takes place from 23 September till 22 October 2016; the registration deadline is 23 August 2016. It costs CHF 1,750.- (plus 100.- VAT registration) and offers 4 credits.

For more info (in German) please see:

Madrid MDCXXXV (1635) at Lope de Vega’s Home-Museum

Carlos Ramírez-Pantanella is a Spanish architect and artist who has recently produced Madrid MDCXXXV (1635), an olfactory installation at Lope de Vega’s Home-Museum in Madrid. The installation attempts to reconstruct the olfactory atmosphere of Spanish Golden Century, and can be visited until next Sunday, from 10AM to 6pm in Madrid (entry is free).


You can find more information about it (in Spanish) at the museum’s website:
And there are some wonderful picture of it on Flickr:

Scent & The Most Hated Retailer

Abercrombie & Fitch (A&F) has often been portrayed as an iconic case of scent marketing.  It was one of the first brands to make scent a crucial part of its identity.  Even Charles Spence, head of the Crossmodal Research Lab at Oxford, referred to A&F’s dominant multisensory experience as “very popular among younger shoppers“.  In fact, following the opening of its flagship store in Tokyo, A&F employees reported in online discussions that trucks drove around the area and sprayed the streets with its signature fragrance, ”Fierce”.

ILLUSTRATION : Universal Studios - Los Angeles - 14/04/2014

However, among critical consumers A&F has already long been discussed as a negative example of how retailers manipulate sight, smell, and sound to trigger purchase behavior in consumers. The secret power of subliminal forces backfired as a perception of manipulation. Even Time magazine popularized a study, which argues that the cologne sprayed throughout the stores actually causes consumer anxiety.  Building on the same study, a Fast Co. magazine even concluded that A&F should simply change its store signature scent.

This week, business media published the results of the most recent American Customer Satisfaction Index. A&F scored the lowest out of 22 specialty retailers. Forbes speaks of A&F as the most hated retailer in the US.  Much has been written about the brand’s problematic overtly sexual advertising. But what Forbes and other media do not talk about is the role of the prominent use of scent and its promotion in a large part of the business community. It is high time to get beyond gut feelings and naive beliefs about the use of scent in service settings.

Further Reading:

Spence, C., Puccinelli, N. M., Grewal, D., & Roggeveen, A. L. (2014). “Store Atmospherics: A Multisensory Perspective.” Psychology & Marketing, 31(7), 472–488. http://doi.org/10.1002/mar.20709


Great Idea: Mood Boards For Smells

Scents can be tough to describe in words, which makes them perfect for mood boards.


For Haus Interior’s candle collection, the boutique interior design firm wanted a way to describe smells to online shoppers beyond mere words. So the company hired photographer Sully Sullivan to produce a collection of scent mood boards. Carefully curated, cleanly arranged objects fill in the emotions and contexts of a smell that words might miss.

Read more at http://www.fastcodesign.com/3041018/great-idea-mood-boards-for-smells/5

This article nicely resonates with a recent paper on the use of moodboards in perfumery:

Endrissat, N., Islam, G., & Noppeney, C. (2016). Visual organizing: Balancing coordination and creative freedom via mood boards. Journal of Business Research, 69(7), 2353–2362. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jbusres.2015.10.004

Volatile!: A Poetry and Scent Exhibition


Dec 11, 2015 – Feb 19, 2016

What if every poem had its own fragrance, beyond the literal smell of the materiality of the page? What if one could smell a poet’s imaginative, conceptual, intellectual world, the text unfurling into an aroma? In Volatile!, curator and design historian Debra Riley Parr presents a number of objects and experiences that invite speculative connections between poetry and scent. Scent artist David Moltz of Brooklyn-based perfumery D.S. & Durga tells the story of a young boy who is transformed into a mythical beast through a series of 12 scents captured beneath 12 glass cloches. Works by artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter with poet Anna van Suchtelen, typography artist Ben Van Dyke, ceramicist Seth Bogart, florist Jaime DeGroot, and artists Amy Radcliffe and Eduardo Kac are also featured.

View David Moltz discussing narrative structure in perfume and a demonstration of Amy Radcliffe‘s analogue odor camera.

Poetry Foundation
61 West Superior Street
Free admission


ONE DROP OF FREEDOM: The Scent of Grass, A Symbol of Freedom.

One drop can be too much or one drop can help a life… Support refugees, buy one drop of the scent of grass.

The internationally renowned scent artist Peter de Cupere has developed a special fragrance based on grass: ONE DROP OF FREEDOM, a unique perfume or Eau de l’Herbe “that symbolizes freedom and a safe place.”

Your donation – with the cooperation of Peter the Cupere and many other volunteers from the PXL-MAD (Media, Arts & Design) School of Arts – will provide Refugee Aid Flanders and Limburg Platform for Refugees with extra support. “Flemish Refugee” is an organization that defends the rights of refugees and asylum seekers and provides assistance to them. And for more than 20 years, it has put a large group of volunteers in the various refugee committees of the Limburg Platform for Refugees.

So join and spread freedom: share & like the Facebook page:
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