How do your headphones smell?

Have you ever noticed how your headphones smell? Do you expect a review of headphones talking about the olfactory qualities of the product? The recent review by Wired demonstrates the necessity of a multisensory product design: “A couple of years ago, the luxurious leather-wrapped Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H7s were named our favorite Bluetooth headphones. The over-ear H7s […]

Criminalizing food odors in Italy!

Avery Gilbert tweeted about this current case on food odors in Italy. It fits in a boarder picture of normalizing a strict olfactory regime. Interestingly, this case is once again connected to migration issues. There is even a new legal terminology: “olfactory molestation” as The Telegraph reports: Cooking may be a national passion, but Italians who […]

“Girl, 12, died after overusing deodorant” according to the Times

The Times recently reported that a schoolgirl died after being overcome by fumes from her deodorant while on a family holiday: “Paige Daughtry, 12, was so worried about her personal hygiene that she used body spray as if it were “going out of fashion”, a coroner was told. It is believed that she overused it after a […]


Wool-blend tees are promoted for keeping your outdoorsing stink-free as Wired reported: “Your cotton thrift store tee isn’t going to cut it on days like these. Thankfully, a new breed of synthetic wool shirts offers a lightweight, tough, breathable, and stink-resistant alternative. Combining the durable, sweat-wicking qualities of synthetic nylon with the super-soft, odor-killing abilities […]

If your scent wrote a song…

Studio Folie is an olfactive design studio founded by Kaya Sorhaindo. It is known for projects that inscribe new meaning long associated with classical perfumery such as Le Cinema Olfactif .  The more recent project Olfactive diaries is a collection of interviews and contributions by artists in response to Folie A Plusieur fragrances. In the context of scent […]

Scent as a medium in contemporary art

Artist and writer Catherine Haley Epstein, provides an overview on the role of scent in contemporary art published September 30, 2016 on Temporary Art Review. What is interesting is the broader storyline: “Scent is invisible and profoundly effective in engaging audiences. A painting would never overwhelm the audience – one can simply look away or close one’s […]

Guardian: ‘The missing sense’

A feature on some recent developments with respect to scent culture appeared in The Guardian on 16 September 2016. The article refers “en passent” to Brian Goeltzenleuchter. And above all it is still worth reading :  “The more we’re plugged into the virtual world, the more we deeply appreciate the contrast – moments in our human […]

The problem with pleasure!

Scents and in particular fragrances are often discussed as enjoable and pleasurable experiences. Thus this recent scholarly book deserves a closer look when discussing Huxley’s feelies or James Joyce and the scent of modernity. In “The Problem with Pleasure”, Frost draws upon a wide variety of materials, linking interwar amusements, such as the talkies, romance […]

Olfactory language in British fiction

Scent has so far remained largely sidelined into the context of the eighteenth-century novel. Reading Smell by Emily Friedman and published in 2016 provides models for how to incorporate olfactory knowledge into new readings of the literary form central to our understanding of the eighteenth century and modernity in general: the novel. The multiplication and development […]

Perfumism, manifesto (2010)

In 2010, Andy Tauer  reflected on his observations as a perfumer and initiated With perfumeshrine’s Elena Vosnaki at the editorial helm and joined by perfume writer and vendor Rebecca Veuillet-Gallot, the code of perfumism articulated the desire for true craft in perfume in opposition to the purely economic rationale of the industry. Perfumism culminated […]