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MELANCHOLIA: Marion Colomer & Dana El-Masri

One of the most enjoyable aspects of what I do is the matchmaking—not of the romantic variety, but the artistic one. When DC-based French artist, Marion Colomer, contacted me about … Continue reading

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“Fragrance artist Anicka Yi wins major art prize”(via Dazed)

The conceptual artist, who makes sculptures out of smell, has won the Hugo Boss Art Prize 2016 Contemporary art is littered with examples of artists who have created work out of unusual … Continue reading

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NEZ la revue olfactive, the Olfactory Magazine

Ever since the indefinite hiatus of ODOU magazine last year, there’s been a gaping vacancy for a magazine dedicated to the sense of smell. NEZ la revue olfactive is a valiant new effort … Continue reading

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Artemisia, Absinthe & the Green Fairy

Bibi Bigler Parfums’ Parfum Bar cordially invites you to its next scent apéro on Saturday, September 24, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm, at the Zurich Botanical Garden. The topic is Artemisia – Absinthe – … Continue reading

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Peter de Cupere: ‘Eens was ik mens’ (Is This Mankind)

Opening tonight at 20h in de Warande in Belgium is the exhibition ‘Eens was ik mens’ (Is This Mankind) by olfactory artist, Peter de Cupere, with a never seen scent landscape to explore! The exhibition features … Continue reading

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Pitti Fragranze N.14

OPENING TOMORROW IN FLORENCE!  This edition’s theme, Numbers & Flowers, is a truly fragrant “winning” combination, and there will be a series of projects and talk-events focusing on the “current … Continue reading

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SEX SMELLS: Body & Smell in the 21st Century

A new exhibition at Kunstverein Wolfsburg in Germany Duration: 02.09 – 06.11.2016 Artists: Julia Barbee, Peter de Cupere, Sarah Schoenfeld, Clara Ursitti Curator: Jennifer Bork More info (in German) at:

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ANTIPARFUM + «Dummes Holz»

As part of Every Contact Leaves a Trace, the Bachelor and Master Exhibition for Institut Kunst HGK FHNW, artist Maeva Rosset is presenting a creation, in collaboration with perfumer Giovanni Sammarco, ANTIPARFUM: An Olfactive … Continue reading

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Osmodrama Festival for Olfactory Art

The first festival for olfactory art in Berlin, from 15th July until 18th September.   With the scent organ Smeller 2.0 developed by Wolfgang Georgsdorf, olfactory narratives can be performed … Continue reading

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A Sniff Test For Alzheimer’s Checks For The Ability To Identify Odors (NPR)

Parkinson’s disease, smoking, certain head injuries and even normal aging can influence our sense of smell. But certain patterns of loss in the ability to identify odors seem pronounced in … Continue reading

July 27, 2016 · Leave a comment

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